Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers shape our menu, each one has something to give to the local community so we try to support them as much as we can. Here is a little bit about the local suppliers we use at the moment

Herb-Fed Poultry

Herb-Fed Poultry are based in Easingwold. They traditionally raise their birds with the highest welfare, grown slowly to allow the meat and muscle to develop. The poultry is fed a unique diet which includes over 10 varieties of fresh herbs. They happily live out in the field as birds should.

Castle Howard

We use the Castle Howard estate for our Beef and Pork. The Beef is Aberdeen Angus raised on the estate by the Fargher Family 5th generation farmers, who produce their cows at the highest standard.

Helmsley Walled Garden

Helmsley Walled Garden is a five acre garden filled with flowers, fruit and vegetables. The garden aims to engage its local community in gardening for their health and wellbeing. It is a small independent charity for horticultural therapy that improves individual’s physical and mental health. We use the walled gardens for lots of herbs, edible flowers, fruit and vegetables, which help shape our menu. In summer/spring when there is lots of produce we have a course dedicated to them.

Moorside Mushrooms

All our mushrooms come from Luke Joseph. He grows a wide range of gourmet mushrooms in Fadmoor. Sustainability is a core value for Luke he prioritises environmentally friendly practices throughout the whole cultivation process.

Newfields Organic

The majority of our vegetables are grown on this farm which is based in Fadmoor, and run by John and Rachel Patterson. It turned organic in 1990 by Rosemary Wass and the couple still carry the strong ethos for organic. Organic farming depends on encouraging a diverse ecosystem to maintain soil fertility and to keep pests under control naturally. It does this by encouraging nature’s own predators by maintaining hedgerows and creating open, ‘wild’ spaces at the side of fields – and changing the crops planted each season, to keep soil fertile and avoid the need for chemicals.

Hodgson Fish

All our seafood comes from Hodgson’s. It is a family run business that was started by Samuel Cornelius Hodgson in 1850 in West Hartlepool. Hodgson Fish is now the largest independent fish merchant in the North of England and they have no less the 20 Michelin Star restaurants in their portfolio.

Otterburn Farm

We use Lisa Hodgson who runs Otterburn farm and produces Mangalitza pigs in Carlton, which is 4 minutes down the road from us! They rear their pigs for 2 years at the minimum, to ensure that they are the absolute the best that they can be and, importantly, to give each animal a longer and happier life.

Rocket & Russet

Is a small farm in Fangfoss run by Ben Daniels, who is an advocate for the environment. He produces the tastiest seasonal produce, and amongst the vegetables growing you will find flowers and herbs scattered throughout. This promotes a strong ecosystem which makes the fruit and veg extra nutritious and delicious.

Wass Farm

Produce Artisan charcuterie made from their own Mangalitsa and rare breed, free range, Woodland pork. They also produce our wild venison. The pigs root and forage amongst fruit trees, and drink natural spring water.

Food Circle

Our eggs and other dry store ingredients come from Food Circle CIC. This is a social enterprise determined to build a better food system from the soil up with our community of farmers, growers, producers and customers.

Acorn Dairy

Acorn Dairy is an organic dairy and use them from our cream, milk and butter. The dairy comes from cows who have never received antibiotic treatments. Antibiotics are only used when necessary and if this is the case, the cow’s milk is withdrawn from customer consumption entirely and will be fed to the calves. This ‘zero antibiotic’ status was achieved in 2020.

J Stringer and Sons

We get our flour and rapeseed oil from Stringers. They are part of the Yorkshire Grain Alliance, a community of farmers, millers and bakers working to build a sustainable grain economy in Yorkshire. They are based in East Yorkshire on top of the Yorkshire Wolds.